The Jumping Goat Farm
The Jumping Goat Farm

Location and surroundings

What we offer:

We are selling the following products fresh from the farm:

  • Goat Milk Soap                      Pick up or shipping by Canada Post possible
                                                                     Order in online store!
  • Meat Goats                            Delivery possible, live animals only
  • Eggs                                      4.50$ /dozen, 5.50$ / 18 eggs per carton, sold on farm
  • Rabbits (Flemish Giant)        20.00$ per rabbit up to 8 months old, males and females
                                                              live animals only

* All products are sold depending on availability. All animals are raised natural and on pasture,

  hens are free range. Delivery to local shops possible. Please contact by phone or email.

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